A Streaming Experience


This project was created for my graduate-level User Experience class.  The goal was to create a streaming service, similar to Roku or Apple TV, that incorporates a social aspect

Concept Creation

When initially brainstorming I bounced ideas off of friends and colleagues on “recreating Netflix”.  The target audience for this streaming experience is millennials and GenZ.


After brainstorming the project further, I realized this was meant to be more than just a new version of Netflix.  I chose to focus on the bigger picture and create an all-new streaming player. 


Simulcast Storyboard

Brainstorming and User Research

I began sketching and brainstorming various ways to incorporate the social side of the program.  I did rough sketches of how the TV Show/Movie information page would look.  I always check the IMDb app to see who is in it and enjoy picking a new show based on actors I like in things I've previously seen.

With my biases in mind, I began in-depth interviews with potential users.  The people interviewed unanimously chose a 5-star ranking system as the best way to show reviews.  The biggest question was, how to get people to actually create the review.  

​Based on these interviews, I decided the most important aspects of Simulcast would be: creating an easy way to rate and share titles, keeping things visually simplistic and being able to have customizable "playlists".

Incorporating the social media aspect and multiple different streaming services is a great idea!

I would want the option to hide what I'm watching – or at least have some sort of "incognito" option

I can never decide what to watch or remember what I wanted to! I would totally use this

If you are going to have the share and rating option so prevalent, you should have a remote app for iPhone and Android

Information found from these interviews were turned into a running list of features people may be interested in. 

Potential Simulcast Featurs

Visual Design

Due to the responses I received through user research, the Simulcast design features light colors and a very straightforward design. This puts the focus on the features instead of on the design.


The idea of incorporating the user's social was well received.  If this project were to go further, there would need to be further research on the best way to incorporate that social aspect.  

The next step would be to create an easy to use smartphone app to work in conjunction with the streaming service.  

​Once the app is created, further user-tested would be used to determine what works and what needs to be reworked. 

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